Keeping Your Car Tidy

Keeping Your Car Tidy

Snow, Rain, And Thieves: How To Safeguard Your Pickup Truck Bed

by Dean Reyes

One of the great things about pickup trucks is that they let you store all sorts of stuff in the bed, everything from lumber to groceries. This has made them popular with everyone from contractors to suburban parents. The one issue that will come up is the weather. Pickups are sold with open beds. The only way to close them up is to get something sold on the aftermarket.

If you've bought a new pickup, or a used one, then you should seriously consider getting a cover. This will not only secure your belongs when you're away from the truck, it will keep everything safe from rain, snow, and sun damage. The best way to keep your truck bed safe is to install a tonneau cover. Here is some information to help you decide which tonneau cover you should choose.

Tonneau Covers: Soft and Hard

Tonneau covers are flat covers that don't extent above the frame of the pickup bed. They come in many materials and a few separate designs. Some of them are cloth; some of them are a hard plastic.

One advantage to the tonneau cover is that it does not change the look of your truck. The profile of your truck will be the same. This is not the case with a pickup cap. So, if you want to preserve the look of a pickup, then you will like the tonneau.

Soft Tonneau

The soft tonneau is the simplest of the covers. It is basically a roll of canvas that will stretch out and cover the bed. This sort of tonneau cover attaches at the rear of the front cab and contains the cover. When you want to cover the bed, you pull the cover out and bring it towards the rear of the truck bed. There are clips at the rear of the bed that the cover attaches to. The benefit to the soft tonneau cover is that it is super lightweight, easy to put on and off, and is relatively inexpensive.

The downside to the soft cover is that it is not very secure. If you are only concerned about rain, light snow, or sun, then it will do fine. However, if you are in an area where there is really heavy snow, then the soft cover can sag. Finally, if you are in a location where people are apt to vandalize or burglarize your vehicle, then you will want a hard cover. Someone could easily slice a soft cover open with a knife.

Hard Tonneau

The hard tonneau is made from a plastic or acrylic material. These covers are attached to the frame with bolts. They lift up in the air either via pneumatic struts or electrical lifts. The benefit to a hard top is that it is super durable. Snow won't cave it in. Opportunistic thieves won't be able to slice it open with a pocketknife. It is the safest choice in a tonneau cover.

The downside is that they are difficult to remove. Why is that an issue? Suppose you want to carry a china cabinet or refrigerator in the bed of your car. The cover needs to be removed. A soft cover can be retracted; however, a hard cover needs to be completely taken off.  You will need two people to remove a hard tonneau cover. Talk to a professional like Horizon Truck & Body Ltd for more information.


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