Keeping Your Car Tidy

Keeping Your Car Tidy

3 Tips For Window Tinting: Before And After

by Dean Reyes

There's no denying that tinting a car's windows makes the car look infinitely different and, in most cases, better. But there's a lot more to it than simply finding a tint color you like and applying it to the windows. It helps to know a few things about the window tinting process both before the tint is applied and after.

Check The Legal Restrictions

Most people who want to get their car windows tinted know that there are some rules and laws regarding the tint. Often, however, they do not know that these laws restrict which windows can have tint and the percentage of tint allowed.

In Alberta, for example, front windows can't have any tint at all. In Manitoba, however, you can have up to 45 percent tint on your front windows. As far as the back windows go, Alberta allows any percentage of tint, while Manitoba requires between 30 and 35 percent tint for these windows. It pays to learn your restrictions.

Understand The Film You're Getting

All window tint starts out as a thin layer of clear polyester film. From there, manufacturers dye the film or add metals to it to change its properties. Each step involved in the process darkens the film and adds another layer of protection to the finished window tint.

Dyed film tends to be the darkest and it offers terrific glare-reducing characteristics. Metalized film helps to reduce heat and bounces UV rays away from the car. The metals can cause interference with electronics, however. Hybrid tints use both dyes and metals in the tinting process. Another option is ceramic tinting, which absorbs heat without darkening the windows noticeably. Crystalline tint is almost clear, but it reduces both heat and infrared lighting.

Don't Rush The Process

After your tint is installed, you're going to be tempted to drive all over town, showing your "new" car off to everybody you know. Of course, along with that comes rolling down the windows to show everybody just how much they can't see when your windows are up. Resist this urge. Your window tint has to cure for at least a full week before putting the windows down is safe to do. If you ignore this, you'll end up having messed up windows and have to go through the entire process all over again. Don't clean them for a few weeks, either, and never use ammonia-based cleaners.

If you're ready to get your car upgraded, call a company like Auto Style Plus today. They can help you to make sure that your car not only looks great but also has all the other benefits of properly installed window tinting.


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