Keeping Your Car Tidy

Keeping Your Car Tidy

Some Easy-To-Follow Methods For Getting Dents Out Of Your Car

by Dean Reyes

Dings and indentations can accumulate on your car over time. Many car owners assume that they'll just have to live with this problem, but some dents can be repaired as a DIY project. There's more than one way to accomplish this goal. The method you choose will depend on the location and size of your dent, as well as the tools you have on hand. These methods, though some are unconventional, can work. Speak with an auto body mechanic before getting started to ensure that you don't inadvertently make the problem worse. 

Mallet or Hammer

The mallet or dent hammer method can be used if you have access to the underside of the auto body in the location of the dent. Use a mallet on large to medium-sized dents, and use the hammer on small dents. If using the mallet, gently hit the dent starting from the outside and working your way in toward the middle. Starting in the middle of the dent may cause the dent to pop out too far on the other side. If using the hammer on a small dent, gently tap on the dent from the underside until it pops back into place. 

The Hair Dryer Method

The hair dryer method is most useful for medium-large dents. Heat the dent using a standard hair dryer on the highest, hottest setting. Keep the dent hot for a few minutes until it feels appropriately warm. Next, use an air compressor to cool the dent off quickly with a blast of room temperature or cold air. The dent should pop out on its own without trouble. Do not attempt to touch the dent with the hair dryer or air compressor, as this can result in a scratch. 

The Plunger Method

Standard plumbing plungers can work for this, but some auto supply stores actually sell dent plungers. Clean and wet your plunger, then place it over the dent. Push in quickly on the plunger head, then pull the plunger off the car quickly. This method works best on medium-sized dents that are smaller than the diameter of the plunger head. Plungers won't work on curved or corner parts of your car. 

Repairing dents in your car can boost its value when it's time to sell. Performing this type of maintenance also keeps your car looking its best over time. To fix stubborn dents, contact an experienced auto body shop like Lou's Auto Body about professional dent repair services. 


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Keeping Your Car Tidy

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