Keeping Your Car Tidy

Keeping Your Car Tidy

Brake Service: 4 Signs It Is Time To Have Your Brakes Checked

by Dean Reyes

You rely on your vehicle's brakes for safety purposes while driving, so it is essential that you not ignore the warning signs. Far too many people let things like noises and smells go for too long, putting you at risk of the brakes giving out when you need to make an emergency stop or slow down your vehicle. Here are some signs that it is time for brake inspections and maintenance.

Unusual Noises

A very common sign that your brakes are in need of repairs or service is when they make noises. It is important that you not assume a mild squeaking when stepping on the brake pedal is normal. While it might not be a serious situation yet, it could be before too long. If the brake noise is starting to get worse, whether louder or turning into a grinding noise, get to a mechanic right away. In some cases, you simply need an adjustment, which won't be an expensive service. On the other hand, the brake pads might need to be replaced.

Weird Brake Function

The brake pedal itself may give you any number of signs to tell you that getting the brakes services is a good idea. When you notice the brake pedal acting different than normal, it should be considered a warning sign. You may find that the pedal is harder to push down, as if it is more firm and it requires pushing down a little harder to get your vehicle to slow down. The opposite can also be true, where barely touching the pedal now causes the car to stop. The brake pedal might also feel spongy or reach nearly to the floor of the car when applying it, which is a sign you need to have the brakes looked at. Some of these issues might be a sign to get more brake fluid, or a replacement could be needed.

Odd Smells

There may also be a bad odor you notice when you are using the brakes. This is often the smell of burning plastic or another unusual smell you can't quite figure out. If you smell something that seems to occur more often after you step on the brakes, especially if you have to step on them hard, it is a sign you should visit a mechanic or brake specialist. Also keep a look out for smoke when applying the brakes.

Frequent Vibrations

Pay attention to the overall feel of your vehicle when you press your foot on the brake pedal. If it feels as if the car is vibrating or shaking a lot, which you often feel with your hands on the steering wheel, it could be that the brake rotors need to be replaced. Click here for more information about brake repair in Calgary.


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